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Sam Mumford is a guitarist, composer and sound artist based in London, working and performing internationally. As a guitarist, Sam often reworks the guitar into new tunings and explores different approaches to sound making. In addition Sam plays percussion, violin/viola, bass and piano alongside his work with sound sculpture, electronics and production. He has released as a songwriter (Scatter, Before The Love Goes) and as a co-founder of new music ensemble Jetsam (Disruption, A Dreamlife of Hackney Marshes), showcased on stations including Radio 3’s Late Junction, Soho Radio and Resonance FM. He has performed widely, from grimy basements to concert halls and galleries, from lean-tos in the The Gambian bush to Baltimore's housing projects, and both his own work and his long-standing commitment to participatory and inclusive art-making continues to throw up new and eclectic performance opportunities with inspiring people around the world.


Collaboration across art forms is a core aspect of his practice and he has created work for dance, film, installation and spoken word. Current collaborations include developing new work with poet/artist Jack Miguel. Sculptural instrument fabrication and design is a major part of his current research and development, working with artists such as choreographer Tom Dale, artist Anne Harild and arts collective MAP/making.

Facilitating and supporting creative happenings has led Sam to work with numerous groups in a wide variety of settings and Sam's deep respect for the creative process as a tool to unlock, to connect and to empower underpins his commitment to inclusive art-making project work and advocacy. Long term relationships continue with a number of organisations: Guildhall School of Music and Drama (tutor and craft teacher BA/MA, residency artist, cross-arts guest artist), Drum Works (Artistic Associate, Leadership Team), MetamorPhonics (The Messengers), Creative Connections (Baltimore, Grand Rapids, USA).

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